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Apple To Sign New Deals With Lit Motors

The Apple has already detained several employees from its secret car project and is on the verge of seeking help from several expert agencies. There were talks with the technology giant McLaren, the renowned automaker for Formula One Racers. Apple is said to invest in the company soon. Apple has also extended its talks with Lit Motors. The start-up organization based in San Francisco, the Lit Motors developed motorcycles that feature an electric self-balance. As per confidential sources, Apple is in the process to acquire Lit Motors with talks in progress. It has also recruited many of the former engineers from the Lit Motor Group.

Tesla, Uber, and Google have already capitalized on the driverless car ingenuities, but the Apple Group technologyhad maintained silence. Though Apple was integrally involved with a car project titled Titan, it faced several setbacks in direction and leadership. Bob Mansfield, one of the Apple veterans is expected to take over the project. On the other hand, the Apple’s employees considered the project to be lacking in vision. It was noticed to be a complete disarray. The directional inadequacy resulted in Apple’s pooling of talent resources from the outside world. It is all set to restart the project again with a talent pool from various eminent sources.

Apple is on the mode of revising approaches to bring self-driven cars to the reality soon. While Uber has already started its initiatives for driverless cars, Apple is on its way. With more companies getting into the self-driven car movement, the Federal Auto Safety Regulators have laid down several guidelines that outline the safety and technological expectations to be utilized in automobiles. Thus, Apple’s partnership with McLaren can contribute to a drastic change in the motor industry. Similarly, if Apple’s acquisition plans with Lit Motors gains success, it can remain in the prime slot again. However, there is silence prevailing regarding the potential investment.

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Uber Is Set To Acquire A More Promising Future In China

uber-is-set-to-acquire-a-more-promising-future-in-chinaRegardless of the strong local competition, Uber captured the largest market share with its total rides. Travis Kalanick, co-founder of the Uber was involved in a personal mission to visit China. His speeches actively utilized the ideas of the Chinese Communist Party which led to a billion-dollar investment. The Uber group made it difficult for the American companies to flourish in China. But, there came a big surprise, when Uber was sold to Didi Chuxing, one of its tough contender there. This sale was expected to give rise to a new company. It was later discovered that the Uber investors had a predominant role in the sale.

The resultant new company was estimated worth 35 billion dollars. Both the companies led a fierce uber-is-set-to-acquire-a-more-promising-future-in-china2battle to sustain their market share in China. They also ended up spending ten million dollars to entice riders. The merger is an appropriate solution to end their intense struggles. There could be a significant increase in income scale. Everybody across the globe regularly watched the progress of Uber in China. The strategies of the company were discussed extensively by several entrepreneurs. Amidst the harsh business policies and regulations of China, Uber managed to conquer the tough local competitors. The success of Uber brought in huge profits.

The engineers of the company had to operate from San Francisco to handle the drivers. Uber also faced enough marketing blocks. They were forbidden to use the social media platforms such as WeChat. In the meantime, Didi had availed a tough fight to Uber. Several subsidies were offered to entice the drivers. Didi provided less focus on the product and roped in several tricks to defeat the contenders. Several opportunists were also a part of the plan. But Uber managed to tackle the fierce competition. And with the news of the latest deal involving Didi and Uber, there is more anticipation about their joint venture.

Channing Dungey To Take Over As The Head Of ABC Entertainment

As internal fights for power amidst the executives of the ABC Entertainment get fierce, there is a change in the higher order hierarchy. Paul Lee, one of the seniors, was made to resign and Channing Dungey took over as the chief of the ABC group. The fight for creative control has finally come to an end. Channing Dungey who was the former head of the ABC’s drama has now become the first black woman president. The elevation of Dungey was considered as a significant breakthrough by the stalwarts of the industry. The diversity is finally brought into the ranking system with Dungey gaining the power.

Dungey is also referred to be gifted with her abounding creative talents. She is considered as a perfect fit channing-dungey-to-take-over-as-the-head-of-abc-entertainment2for the position. She has an excellent track record and has been associated with developing interesting and compelling programs that have aspired innovation. She has worked on several exciting drama series such as “Thrilled and humbled,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Scandal.” The executive vice president, Patrick Moran will henceforth take over Lee’s responsibilities and duties. Lee’s new boss, Sherwood was continually insisting on creating innovative program series. But Lee had always resisted to the demands. These issues eventually attributed Lee to resign.

The ABC Entertainment Group was looking out for a change in the hierarchy for more than a year, and with the forceful resignation of Lee, things fell into place. Lee had taken over as the chief in the year 2010, and his departure remains a surprise to many. During his tenure, he had contributed to some great drama series such as “Shark Tank” and “Modern Family.” These soaps remained the prime-time attraction for many. But as the ratings of the ABC Group continued to decline, the inevitable change in the hierarchy was brought in forcefully. The urgent replacement in the executive category is a blowing surprise.