Month: May 2016

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Otto Brings Self-Driven Trucks To Roads

anthony-levandowskiThe San Francisco start-up, Otto is involved in bringing driverless trucks to the road. The Uber Group has strengthened its car project with the acquis
ition of Otto Group. The CEO of Otto, Anthony Levandowski who previously worked with Google currently heads the Uber’s self-driven car project. The driverless car movement is gaining an enormous impetus all over the globe. It is considered to avail a promising future in the automobile industry. With more top names Google, Apple, and Uber featuring into play, the technology is expected to travel further. The Otto Group has gained the tremendous momentum to shape a radical future.

The Otto Group founded by ex-Googlers Anthony Levandowski, Don Burnette, Claire Delaunay, and Lior anthony-levandowskiRon, has made the rethinking possible. Both Levandowski and Ron stated that trucks contributed to maximum pollution and an even greater number of mortalities. Moreover, the truck vehicles were considered inefficient owing to shortage of drivers. All these factors warranted a technology driven solution. Thus, Otto’s management is all geared up to bring in the revolution. Initially, the Otto group began with equipping the drivers to perform their job safely. Now, it is currently working on the ways to automate the parts of the truck vehicles that feature on the highways.

While other automobile units are designing vehicles that can run autonomously, Otto emphasizes on discovering technologies that can be incorporated into the trucks that already run on roads. The immediate requirement is to aid the drivers which are the current focus of the Otto management. With the technology provided by Otto, the drivers can avail short naps while the trucks run autonomously. Otto has already accomplished a successful demo on the public highway. They are on the way to improve their capabilities further to expand the technology. The company with more than 40 ex-Googlers is said to revolutionize the automobile industry with their ground-breaking technology.