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Irina Shayk To Become A Mommy Soon

entertainmentThe beautiful bombshell Irina Shayk had made her debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The crowd at the Grand Palais situated in Paris was privileged to hear an exciting news as the event came to a close. The 30-year-old gorgeous performer declared her relationship with celebrated actor Bradley Cooper. She also disclosed that they are awaiting a baby soon. Nobody could even guess that with her stunning looks during the show. As she walked through the runway, every spectator wanted to get a glimpse, but her attire had concealed the growing belly. Shayk is in her second trimester and is thoroughly excited about the pregnancy.

She wore an intricate red attire which made her look like a sexy siren. The fringe underneath the coverentertainment2 brought out the most traditional looks for the event. The second outfit that she had assayed comprised of a lingerie version that resembled a classic trench coat. Shayk had worn that with a bra and garter combination in silver. The relationship with Bradley Cooper evolved from the year 2005. They were seen together several times in the New York City. After a while, there were rumors on their breakups that blazed like wildfires. But now with the news of the baby, there are raised eyebrows all over.

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Channing Dungey To Take Over As The Head Of ABC Entertainment

As internal fights for power amidst the executives of the ABC Entertainment get fierce, there is a change in the higher order hierarchy. Paul Lee, one of the seniors, was made to resign and Channing Dungey took over as the chief of the ABC group. The fight for creative control has finally come to an end. Channing Dungey who was the former head of the ABC’s drama has now become the first black woman president. The elevation of Dungey was considered as a significant breakthrough by the stalwarts of the industry. The diversity is finally brought into the ranking system with Dungey gaining the power.

Dungey is also referred to be gifted with her abounding creative talents. She is considered as a perfect fit channing-dungey-to-take-over-as-the-head-of-abc-entertainment2for the position. She has an excellent track record and has been associated with developing interesting and compelling programs that have aspired innovation. She has worked on several exciting drama series such as “Thrilled and humbled,” “Once Upon a Time,” and “Scandal.” The executive vice president, Patrick Moran will henceforth take over Lee’s responsibilities and duties. Lee’s new boss, Sherwood was continually insisting on creating innovative program series. But Lee had always resisted to the demands. These issues eventually attributed Lee to resign.

The ABC Entertainment Group was looking out for a change in the hierarchy for more than a year, and with the forceful resignation of Lee, things fell into place. Lee had taken over as the chief in the year 2010, and his departure remains a surprise to many. During his tenure, he had contributed to some great drama series such as “Shark Tank” and “Modern Family.” These soaps remained the prime-time attraction for many. But as the ratings of the ABC Group continued to decline, the inevitable change in the hierarchy was brought in forcefully. The urgent replacement in the executive category is a blowing surprise.

The Dalian Wanda Group Acquires The Legendary Entertainment

It is time to listen to the biggest deal in Beijing. The successful Dalian Wanda organization has brought the Legendary Entertainment Production Company for 3.5 billion dollars. The China’s most powerful entertainment company, the Dalian Wanda group has conquered the Hollywood’s greatest movie production unit. This merger has led to the enhancement of Wanda’s contribution towards global entertainment business. The Legendary Entertainment company has produced several chartbuster movies such as “Jurassic World,” “Pacific Rim,” and a lot more. Not to forget that the Wanda Group had acquired the American cinema chain, the AMC theaters, during the year 2012 for 2.6 billion dollars.

Soon in 2013, the Wanda group had constructed a massive studio complex. The occasion was marked by entertainment4the presence of Leonardo DiCaprio and John Travolta. During a press meet, the Wanda group had mentioned that this acquisition would widen the horizons for the Legendary Entertainment group. The merger increases the market opportunities by several folds. The Wanda Group apart from the AMC theater chains also owns a big theater network in China. The sensors of the Chinese Government usually block Hollywood movies that enter beyond the quota. With this acquisition, a proposed change is anticipated by many international film producers. The expectations are continually rising with the next move of the Wanda Group.