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Termite Control and Treatment

Just like many other insects, the termite is reproduced through the laying and hatching of eggs. Unlike the typical male/female dynamic that we, as humans, know, the queen of the termite colony can become impregnated with eggs from multiple colony members just so that the society is kept going. In other words, termites aren’t monogamous.
termite treatment
At maturity, a queen termite can lay several thousands of eggs each and every day. In some species of termites, the queen will actually be able to add an extra set of ovaries that will produce even more eggs resulting in an enlarged abdomen along with increased fecundity which is the ability to make more eggs and produce more offspring. Just as with humans, queen termites will increase in size to almost one hundred times of her regular size. During the time of pregnancy when the female termite is full of eggs, she is effectively immobilized – as is to be expected.

What is slightly humorous about the pregnant queen termite is that while she is immobilized, she has to utilize the “manpower” of the worker termites to move her. In fact, if she wishes to move from one place to another, it can take hundreds of worker termites just to move her a few inches. The good news for those worker termites is that their reward is a juice that is secreted from the queen’s posterior. That’s right, they are rewarded with a juice that the queen termite gives them to drink which revitalizes them and gives them something to look forward to.

When termite eggs first hatch, they take the form of nymphs, which eventually turn into different members of the termite colony. The largest part of the termite colony is made up of worker termites. The wingless worker termites are blind and most likely to be found in termite-infested wood. Soldier termites are sterile, wingless, blind termites whose sole purpose is to defend the termite colony.

Termite colonies also contain winged reproductives and supplementary reproductives all of which produce termite eggs. Winged reproductives use their swarm intelligence to swarm to a new location during swarm season, where they shed their wings and pair up to start a new termite colony. Supplementary reproductives serve as replacements for the termite king or termite queen should one of them die.

Unfortunately, termite eggs are produced at an alarming rate and one or two termites can reproduce into hundreds and hundreds within a few days of time. At that point, those termite eggs start to grow and then begin their destruction on your structures and/or crops.

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Personal Injury Attorneys

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The city is full of those who choose motorcycles as their main mode of transportation. The beautiful southern weather makes motorcycles perfect to use. Motorcyclists can easily get through traffic and have a low fuel bill to deal with. They are also great fun for those who love to take ride just for the fun of it. The unfortunate aspect that has become evident as the use of motorcycles increases is that there has also been an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents in the area. The rider is virtually unprotected, other than with a helmet and possibly some leather clothing, and when a motorcycle comes into contact with a car, the injuries are frequently life threatening. If you or a loved one has been injured in such an accident, it is critical that you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer at once.

Motorcycle accident attorneys

motorbike accident on the city street

Injured in a motorcycle accident?

The injuries that are suffered by the victims of these accidents are extremely serious, and sadly, often fatal. In cases in which the injured survive, they may have months, years or even a lifetime of needed medical care and treatment, such as in cases in which a spinal cord injury resulted in paralysis. In other cases, serious fractures to the arms, legs, elbows, knees and shoulders are the result. Serious head and brain injuries are not uncommon, and such injuries have varying degrees of recovery, depending upon the severity. Our legal team takes these accidents very seriously and is dedicated to assisting the injured and their families recover the compensation that is commensurate with the degree of injury and other damages.

With years of experience behind them, the legal team approaches each case with a full dedication to pursuing what is right for the client. There are many types of damages that victims suffer in these accidents, and each case must be fully evaluated in order to determine how to move forward with the claim. It is critical that you have legal representation from the firm in such a case, as many individuals have proceeded without an attorney and have received far less in a settlement than they would have had they been supported by an aggressive lawyer from the firm.

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney in our firm today.

Root Canals – Dental Treatment

Until the last century, a decayed or infected tooth was pulled without any thought to saving it. If it wasn’t yanked out, an abscess formed. The pus pocket of poisons caused tremendous pain and could even damage the jawbone. When the abscess broke, the toxins were released into the bloodstream, causing illness. Root canal therapy basically consists of replacing a tooth’s dead nerve and diseased pulp. That means the dentist does not yank out the tooth, he just cleans out the inside of the root.root canals

Once a tooth pushes through the gums and is fully grown, neither the nerve nor the pulp is vitally important to the tooth’s health. The only function of the nerve is to impart the awareness of hot or cold. When the diseased nerve cannot repair itself, it dies no longer feeling any sensation. The pulp is soft tissue full of nerves and blood vessels. It fills the pulp chamber, which is below the tooth’s crown. It also fills the roots and root canals.

A tooth requiring root canal therapy has such extensive decay that the dentist must put a porcelain crown over the exposed tooth. Depending upon how many teeth are involved and where they are located, he may also discuss the need for a bridge or an implant.

To start the root canal therapy, the dentist will inject a numbing agent near the tooth. Theoretically, the nerve is dead so anesthesia should not be necessary, but most dentists don’t want to take a chance of a patient suddenly jumping in pain. A patient should be totally relaxed and free of pain because the delicate surgery requires minute precision.

It is critical that all the decay and infection is cleaned out of the canals of the root. The dentist drills a hole through the crown of the tooth to gain access into the pulp chamber. He then pulls out the pulp and dead nerve, and refills the chamber and canals with medication that will kill all the bacteria.

On your next visit, the doctor fills the tooth’s pulp chamber and root canals with a rubbery material, then permanently seals the tooth closed with antibacterial cement. Last but not least, he caps the tooth with a crown, usually made of porcelain. The crown is virtually undetectable from the teeth adjacent to it.cosmetic dentistry

People tend to cringe when they are told they need a root canal because the procedure used to have the reputation of being painful. Modern dental technology and new anesthetics, however, mean todays patients do not have to feel pain. If the tooth was infected before surgery, it may ache mildly for a couple of days. That discomfort will be relieved with over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin or acetaminophen.

Many teeth that underwent root canal therapy can easily last a persons lifetime, but the procedure is expensive. The costly investment is worth protecting with at-home oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.

If your dentist is bent on saving and repairing your tooth with root canal therapy, don’t be afraid. A root canal is not scary if you know what to expect (and if you know that it wont involve a lot of pain). Express any concerns or questions you have with your dentist so he can reassure you.