Get Rid Of Lice: Pest Control For People

Get Rid Of Lice: Pest Control For People

Lice are a pest of the scalp and can cause your scalp to itch so that you are always scratching your head. If people are always making comments about you scratching your head, you may have a lice problem. You may need pest control for your head. pest control
Lice are small parasite like insects that live on the hair of people. They usually infect grade school age children and are more likely to affect girls than boys. They subsist by sucking small amounts of blood from the scalp of their victims.

Some facts about lice: Even though they may seem disgusting and itch a lot, they are not a major risk to your health. However, they are easily spread from person to person. Also, the lice bites cause the itching sensation, and scratching of the scalp may cause further irritation, leading to severe situations where skin infections will result from the irritation.

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Lice are treated with non-prescription shampoos and lotions. In this situation, the shampoos and lotions can be thought of as pest control products for people. And in severe cases, prescription strength medication is sometimes prescribed by doctors. The medications are usually like antibiotics and come with directions that should be followed exactly using the complete treatment before stopping. Sometimes a hair rinse to untangle hair is required. It normally takes a seven to ten day treatment to completely kill all the lice and eggs.
To remove lice, the eggs that are at the base of the hair must be combed out with special combs with fine bristles immediately following a bath while the hair is still wet. The hair should be washed with shampoo every 3 to 4 days for two weeks. All bedding and clothing used by someone with lice should be washed in very hot water. All items that cannot be washed or thrown away should be sealed in an airtight bag for two weeks. Carpet and upholstery should be vacuumed regularly. Hair products should be treated with alcohol or shampoo for one hour. Hair dryers should not be used since some anti-lice medication is flammable. Regular shampoos should not be used with lice treatment products. Pest control chemicals should not be used because they may be poisonous. If a lice treatment is used three times with no results, another type of pest control should be used. You should not use multiple lice treatments at the same time because there can be interactions between them.
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